Watergun Western!!

Watergun Western Short Film by Daniel Elfers and Grenade Heart

Welcome to the wild wild watergun slinging west!

Written and produced in under a week for the Film Riot Shootout Monday Challenge.

Red Bandana – Daniel Elfers
Black Bandana – Adam Houghton
Camera Operator – Nathan Lea
Writer, Director, and Producer – Daniel Elfers

Special Thanks
Jackson Elfers (Prop Fabrication Advisor)
April Houghton (On Location Assistance)

Music from

Grenade Heart is…

Grenade Heart Banner

A Grenade Heart is that of passion and power that fuels the fires to overcome anything. It’s an explosion from within at the moment of need. To be challenged. To be creative. To be disciplined. To burn brighter with a strength that has been tamed, but is still wild.

To have a Grenade Heart you can’t be lazy. You can’t give into temptation. You can’t let heartbreak or despair drag you under. Life is tough, but it’s a challenge worth conquering. It’s about putting on the armor and doing. To be disciplined and thrive in desperation. To give it all because the world needs you. They need a light to shine and inspire the next person. Who would stand for what is right? Who would give everything in order to change the world? Or to help even one person?

It’s scary the idea of letting out a monster within, but monster doesn’t necessary mean evil. Fire can burn things to ashes, but it also warms, and bring life and hope where none could exist. It’s time to light the fuse, and let the explosion within yourself take hold.

It will take time and discipline to gain control of it. To be a better person, but with this you can achieve your dreams. Or you may realize your dreams are so trivial and bigger dreams are ahead! So never forget to have faith and confidence that better days are coming!

Will you pull the pin?!